India has the second largest higher education system of the world after that of China. The expansion of the higher education in the country after independence has been phenomenal in terms of the number of institutions. But with a Gross Enrolment Ratio of 19.4% which is much lower than the world average, the nation can’t march towards a Knowledge Economy. In addition to low access to higher education, there are wide spread disparities among various social groups. The gender disparity in GER and the disparity among SCs, STs and OBCs are causing great concern. 

Besides the issues of access and equity, the quality of our education system has always been a matter of debate. International rating of institutions by several agencies points towards the urgent need for enhancing the quality of our institutions. Institutional quality is the outcome of careful planning at the micro level consistent with the national goals.

The Council of Principals of Colleges in Kerala has been making tireless efforts for enhancing access, equity and quality of higher education in the state. It is by way of assisting the college managements to start new courses, providing quality infrastructures, recruiting efficient faculty and identifying alternative means of financing higher education. In the past, the Council has also contributed inputs towards the formulation of policies related to reforms in the governance of higher education in the country.

We solicit the support of all to our efforts for continued service for the betterment of higher education.

with regards,