The higher education scenario in our country is confronting a number of challenges. Though the nature and extent of higher education was widened in the post-independence period, it has not resulted in a commensurate increase in quality. It is evident from the fact that not even a single educational institution of our country figures in the list of top 300 institutions in the world. Here comes the importance of sustaining and enhancing quality in the delivery of our educational services. 

The Council of Principals of Colleges in Kerala is a registered body which aims at this purpose. The Principal is an axis on which the entire college administration revolves. The Principal holds the key to the success of any educational institution" Therefore" it is important that all Principals are well informed of their duties and responsibilities. The principal’s Council will definitely provide all Principals of aided colleges in Kerala a platfom for learning the nitty-gritty of educational administration and sharing their experiences among themselves. Also, the Council is committed to mould socially useful citizens of this country through the services of member colleges.

Dr. A Biju

General Secretary